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I hope I did not leave the wrong impression about my dealer experiences. To clear the air, here is my personal experience. Fletcher-Jones in Newport Beach is where we bought the car. The salesman was quite knowledgeable and the day of the sale was a pleasant experience. Everything beyond that first day with them was a nightmare. I attribute this to the sheer size of the place. My needs were lost in the shuffle. I am sure the scenario is to free up the salesman to sell and let others handle after sales details. My salesman did not do a good job at fullfilling the remaining parts of their sales obligation. He was only following the system in place and it was certainly not a malicious act. Still it was very frustrating for six weeks after the sale. It could have been handled in a matter of days, oh well

My servicing dealers in Minnesota have been very good to work with. I live about 150 miles from the nearest dealer. They have been quite good at squeezing me in and meeting my needs on short notice. They manage to get me in when I am down for business. I am very appreciative of this and let them know. I do not go in with an attitude. I agree, this will NOT result in a good experience. So short of the pathetic service loaner situation I am pleased with the service and realize they are trying their best to fix my car.

What does not fly with me is a top of the line new Mercedes needing the following repairs before it reaches 6000 miles. The oil level sensor failure, a mass airflow sensor failure, mis-aligned trunk lid, and the current drivability problem that so far has required replacement of the plugs and coil pack on one bank and todays replacement of multiple fuel injectors. I doubt they have found the problem and anticipate the call saying it did not fix the problem. I do not blame the dealer or the techs. I always try to make my way out into the shop and demonstrate that, even though I am a young S600 owner, I am not a snob and I have a very good understanding of what they are doing. I like to know what is going on with my car, and forging a relationship with the tech helps me and them fix the car.

I also do not care for all of the new electronics, though I am guilty of buying a car full of them. We passed on the BMW 745 for this reason, it just seemed like way to much new junk to break down, which I understand is happening. That said, I also find the various features of my S600 make the car an absolute joy to operate, a bit of a catch 22:p
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