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Flushed the radiator last night and noticed that is was pretty clogged with little white particles inside on one side and had some feathers in the fins that washed right out...I also reverse flushed and found that it was flowing well when I finished. I reinstalled and ran water into the hose from the bottom to see if it would flow out of the top outlet which it did. All was cool (I thought) but when I filled the upper hose inlet going to the water pump, the water didn't go down and just sat there and got hot.

Shouldn't that water go down to be circulated back to the radiator? Then I heard the water pump squeaking for a few seconds and then it stopped, but as I said, the water just stayed in the hose and started to get hot and no water came out of the upper radiator outlet. So far she's run at a fluctuating 82-100 and no coolant loss. Does 100% water make the engine run warmer or cooler? I thought it was cooler but not sure. I haven't added AF because I've already wasted one container of MB coolant since the t stat change and want to save the other until I've licked this. Does this sound like the water pump or ??? Would it take almost 20 minutes (like it did this morning) for the temp to go past 100 if it was the water pump? Man oh man what's next!?
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