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Hi Tex:

Thanks for the tip. Thank you for that valuable info. I'll make sure to give them a call when the situation arises next time. (notice the When, not If ) On another note, i did call the AAA this morning, and the tow guy came in, heard my sob story about the failed charging, and told me that the reason my jump starting didn't work was because the cars are too "NEW". The computers inside each car sees each other when i connected the jump cables, and refuses to jump each other. (no puns intended. ) Apparently this is a safety precaution built inside these newer cars (mine is a 98 E320 and a 2002 Lexus SUV ) that forbids one car from receiving jump start from another.

Another reason might just be that my suv didn't have enough juice to start that massive Mercedes battery.

who knows? i was completely flabberghasted when i heard his take on the situation. But sure enough, he connected my mb battery to his chevy pickup, and the car fires up at first attempt!

hehee. i'm gonna drive it to work now. i'll get the battery checked on the way over, to make sure it still got some life left in it.

btw, i'm just copying and pasting my reply, coz i placed the same post twice.
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