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Will do, but at this point I'm thinking it took 14 years for my original's neck to break so if it isn't I'll live considering I've only had the Nissens about a year and already have issues (if it is the case). The old Behr still works fine and I can actually hook up the hose to it but not as secure as when the neck is how its supposed to be.

I took the car out for lunch and so far its running at temp 80-84 in town but very erratic shaking at takeoff smoothing out as I get speed (but still crappy gas mileage). Wouldn't a leaking head gasket also cause rough running? If the radiator swap doesn't work that will be what I'll have checked (again just in case its acted up from the high/low temps). Just paranoid right now because I hate not having it definately pinned down yet. thanks a lot guys

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