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yea the aux fan kicks in like its supposed to.I was saying that when you shut off the car, the fan also stops so I shut the car down and then turn the key back on so that the fan continues to blow until its below 106 stopping the fan. Now I always do that if it kicks in and leave it on and lock the car with the other keys (returning about 5-10 min after the heat dissipates to get my key out).

I've also used the water wetter to no avail (back then when it was boiling and spitting the coolant back out but now the coolant stays put for the time being since I changed out the expansion tank,hose and cap). I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with where the coolant holes are on the block if these have them.Someone on an earlier post says it could be air trapped and I don't think their was a 560 so this may not apply to my car.Also need the location of the exhaust valve on this car (for something else). Thanks

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