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The front-right tire on my '92 190E/2.3 rubs against the fender at the front of the wheel well when I go over a moderate bump.
It seems to me that easiest fix for this would be to adjust the caster by way of the excentric bolts on the control arm. (so that the wheel is positioned slightly further toward the rear of the car)

Would this be the correct procedure? (of course, followed by a complete allignment)

1) I've only had this car for 6 months, so I don't know what adjustments were made to allignment by the previous owner.

2) The tires are 205/60-15 (only 2.75mm "taller" than stock). I purchased them already mounted on a set of stock MB rims that came off a 1990 190E. (so this very set of wheels/rims, at one time, was running without incident on a 190E)

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Pierce
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