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I recently had an odd occurance with my 82'300SD. The car was running great when I bought it from my dad. About two months after having the car I noticed a sluggish transition from 3 to 4 in the tranny, only when cold. After the car warmed up it was fine. About a week later I noticed a little bit of a racket coming from under the car, around the bell housing area, and some leakage. The noise continued to get worse, along with the leak. I parked the car for about a month and just now had time to get into it. When I was putting the car on ramps the rattling noise became unbearably loud. After removing the front inspection/access cover two TC bolts came out, not sheared off, they had just backed out. Now I'm assuming this would explain the racket, as well as the leak(The loosened TC probably fragged the front seal, and pump). I'm also wondering if chunking TC Bolts is common, and if the vibrations could have caused the shifting problems.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Peter K
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