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Build quality is only part of the problem, they need to get with their suppliers and significantly improve the reliability of their components as well as "listen" to their long term customers before they lose them. I read recently that MB's warranty claims were too high, I hope they choose the right place to solve the problem and it's not by squeezing the buyer, it's by improving the product and the components before it gets to the consumer. I for one am getting close to refusing to give them my hard earned dollars for a product that I'm losing faith in when it gets past the warranty. Quite frankly, when I have to go on a long trip I hesitate to take my MB with over 100K Kms. and tend to take the Honda with similar mileage. I am very sad to reach that state. Just to give an example, in the last 4 weeks the belt tensioner went on my C36 just before I was taking it on a 1000Km. trip. I left the car behind and took the wife's Honda. It took a week to get the part and fix it. Before I headed back my son called as he had borrowed the car for the evening, the check engine light came on and now the Mass airflow sensor is gone. It was fixed within a day but what a pain! Thank goodness for the wife's Honda. The Honda has 105K Kms. and the C36 62K Kms. The Honda is not anything like the MB on the highway but MB could learn something from the Honda. JT
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