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I agree, it is hard to spend my money with MB or BMW anymore. My problem is that we have grown accustomed to the big highway bruisers. Audi just doesn't have the feel or style of either of the others, they are close but not close enough to earn my dollars. Lexus is not even close in feel and they actually come up short on features, as well as not offering a V12. Domestics, yeah right. The E class appeals to me but my wife is spoiled by the LWB cars. For now I will tough it out with the S600. I am glad my wife wanted to keep the BMW or I would likely be giving up my G and we can't have that.

I hope the chairman is sincere about fixing this problem. The cars still offer engineering no one else can touch, along with the best driving experience on the planet. I do hope that the quality comes up to the legends of the past. Sure would be nice if they all held out like a 240D
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