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What I mean by every car has problems, is just that, nothing is perfect. In my opinion, no car can be 100% problem free. Now that doesn't mean that its acceptable, but in my opinion, you can't expect that just because something is more expensive that it has to be better.

A Ferrari is expensive, but are they considered reliable? how about many other cars? Take a Rolls Royce, considered top of the line in luxury, but in no means are they the most reliable cars. a Honda has less problems thana rolls royce, but people still buy it because it is what it is, a Rolls Royce, the standard of what luxury is all about.

I do understand those of you who have newer mercedes and have had problems galore, hell I am witness firsthand to problems with a benz, as a friends dad had an s600 that he had to invoke lemon law on. He then switched to BMW, and is now back on mercedes.

Even the new BMW 7 series are having many problems, from throttle body problems to other issues. Again unacceptable for a car that costs a lot.

I also tend to find that mercedes owners above any others, are more nit picky about little things vs most typical owners of other brands.

This nit pickyness is a good thing, because it is about owners making sure that everything is working as it should be. That shows a serious amount of responsibility and not a serious amount of neglect that most car owners have with their cars.

I commend MB owners for being so thorough.

Now if only these reports could be as nit picky and as organized as most of us mercedes owners, we may get much more real results rather than generalized ones.

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