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thank you so much for your expertise!
Unfortunately, it took me such a long time to re-test the whole
heating behaviour extensively, but that's what's happening:

First of all, I'm glad that the switch just controlls the vacuum lines
and almost never goes bad - thank you for letting me know!

It never was below 50 degrees, so - as you say - it's normal the aux water pump never switched on - happy to hear that it's normal.
I'm pretty sure that the servo works, because it's new and I can
hear it work if I open the hood and listen very carefully with my
ear close to it.

If I put the dial to max. heat, the center vents still will blow air.
Air is coming from all air outlets, including footwells.
after a few minutes, the air gets warm, but on the passenger's side only, and on my side it will stay pretty cool, as if it was fresh air coming from outside or so.
What does "system is not moving" mean? Is this a major thing
or easy to fix? Is it the vacuum elements under the dash behind the center air outlets?

In defrost position though, warm air comes out from everywhere, although it's not extremely hot, as I would it expect to be.

Can you tell me what's wrong with it and - if it's under 50 degrees, and the aux. pump comes on - if the heating should work much better then? Because if that was the case, I would
be pretty happy, because there is no need of heating like crazy
when it's so hot outside anyway!

Thank you so much in advance,
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
1980 300D, 156K
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