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Angry Paying Labor Cost to look for problem!!!!

Here is my situation:
I brought my car in to my MB mechanic (not a dealer) due to an A/C problem.

This thread is located at: Intermitent A/C Problem ?

To make the long story short, they finally figured that the problem was the evaporator sensor, a $51 part, but I am being charged $380 (including labor).

Should I be paying for them to look for the problem which they claim took 6 hours because there was no code? If I brought it to a dealer,who I assume will be more experienced on my problem, maybe it would not take them 6 hours to figure it out. Shouldn't we only pay for what it would normally take to replace the part as if the mechanic knew what the problem was?

If I am offbase on this one, somebody please tell me so I know what to expect next time. Please advise if I should even bother arguing with my mechanic about the charges.

'98 C230 Smoke
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