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Compression Ratio

How much boost are you planning to run?

What turbo are you using?

I would run 9.2 to 1 Comp Ratio on a 16v motor. 8.5 is too laggy
on the lower rpm scale for turbo. Unless you are planning to run over 22 psi? I can go more into details on this if you want.

Ask JE what the estimated piston weight will be. you will not want to stress the rods more than stock pistons. JE is known for making heavier pistons. THe main thing on turbo pistons is the head is at least 5mm thick on the compression chamber side.
the skirts can be lighter. Also since it is a large bore you can set the piston to wall clearence at .00175" would be optimal. On the .0025" is too loose. JE Pistons made a few years ago would run looser clearence.

I use to use a lot of JE but have switched to ROSS pistons. They are a lot lighter. We have used them on our brand 'H' motors running over 580 HP with no problems.
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