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On the new Hella clear corners...

If you use the adapters that came with the clear corners, your parking lights won't work. Only the turn signal/hazard lights will flash. If that's okay with you, install it with the adapter that came with the clear corners.

IMHO, the clear corners look much better with the functioning parking light. You're gonna have to go to a parts store and find an amber bulb for the stock setup. (And maybe some silver paint which you can do a search of on another post.) You'll retain the stock housing and adapter. All you need to do is file down a notch in the new clear corner so the stock adapter will fit. I used the closest notch to the end-stop (or whatever you call it) as one of the notches for the stock bulb housing. The only thing you need to do is file down a notch on the opposite edge. Be careful and don't overdo the notch. You'll need to remove the O-ring on the stock housing so that it will fit.

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