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I do not want a lot of flak from this message.
Around three months ago a filling station re-opened pretty close to my
home location. I passed around 150 gallons on my 964, 250 gallons on my Mercedes s320 and 180 gallons on my wife's Mitsi Vr4. The gasoline was labelled as 91 octane. A week ago as I went to fill the 964 up there was a
Corporation Comission officer at the filling station. He indicated I could
not fill up as the fuel in the tank was actually closer to 87 octane and
untill the pumps were relabelled as such I could not fill up.
I spoke with the station owner and he did not know that the grade was wrong.
I spoke with the jobber and all he could say was: "We made a mistake and should have labelled the pumps as 87 octane. As far as we are concerned the
problem has been rectified as we have now relabelled the pumps"
My questions are:
1. Have I some long term (unknown damage to my vehicles)
2. Surely the above is punishable by law.
I feel I have been done in here.

No flames please.
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