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Thanks the info!
Speedtek, I ordered 8.7:1 pistons. I was planning on pushing about 15-18 pounds of boost. Do you think it would be safe to go to 9:1? I could probably have the pistons changed yet. I agree with you that 8.7:1 will be a bit laggy, but I was willing to sacrifice that for more total power. I'm thinking about having the cams reground to cut down on overlap, and that should help low-end out. Which turbo would you recommend to achieve the flow I need? Would a T3/T4 hybrid be good? Which A/R values? A regular T3 (.42 intake, .49 exhaust) would be too small, right? I want to keep the turbo as small as possible to reduce lag and build boost as low in the rev range as possible.

MB DOC, thanks again for your help! I was aware of that height, but wanted the other measurement so I could confirm my compression ratio. I calculated that value to be 227.625, which should be very close.

Thanks again, I'll update you as I progress in this project!
87 190E EVO II Turbo
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