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how hot is too hot

84 300D-I frequently drive thru the high and low deserts here in the west, experiencing 110 to 125 degrees in the summer. There are a few steep hills to climb where my temp guage shows halfway between the 4th and 5th white hashmark, sometimes creeping almost into the last small white hashmark. My a/c is on with the aux fan as well. Road temps were well over 140 degrees. I know these are extreme conditions but I've been driving them for a few years with no breakdowns, car runs excellently. A few times I've turned off my a/c to bring the temp down. Does this seem like a reasonable temp reading? I live in Ca. in the mountains and routinely my temp is at or over the 4th white hashmark when driving a steep 6% or greater grade in the summer, 90 to 95 degrees, with the a/c on. Driving flat city driving with a/c on temp guage below 4th white hashmark. Does it seem like my clutch fan and water pump are doing there job? I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.
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