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Originally posted by agupta
...Its just that fewer and fewer people are buying the C. The less brand conscious customers are going elsewhere.
Not sure about elsewhere, but in Canada, the W203 C-Class is smashing sales records. For C240 Classic cars with popular equipment, it can be months to wait for one.

The W202 C-Class started to fade a bit during it's tenure, but a 1998 facelift caused a sales jump. Only when the W203 announcement came did things drop off, in expectation of the newer model.

BMW is on a roll, but MB is right there with them. Audi is an also ran in this race. The A4 is a success, but not the steamroller in the market it could be. Resale values still suck, which scares some off. Lexus has done well with the ES300, but it's a bit of a horse of a different colour. The IS300 is their BMW/MB fighter, and it's quality has been pretty spotty, indeed the lowest of all Lexus products.

Watch the new Inifiniti G35. RWD, big power, good quality, and LOW price. Could be a BMW/MB sales stealer.

The C-Class W203 has done well in magazine comparision tests, but drops back when price is factored in. The most prevalent comment is "the car to buy for long term ownership." They also praise the car for it's high quality and stylish looks. It's just a bit overpriced. (Which I feel the C320 is in a big way...)

My Aunt has a 2001 C240, and she is NOT a person to buy a used car from. She does NOT look after her cars, but the C240 has held up well, with not a single warranty repair in two years.

If MB Canada brings a W203 diesel in, our E300 is GONE...
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