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how hot is to hot

[It's never been to 120. I kinda thought the cooling system was ok but maybe a few refinements will bring the temp down in the desert. The trip I make 6-7 times per year in the summer is 500 miles one way. The coolant was flushed 2 years ago. The coolant is brown to golden in color. It was a fifty-fifty mix so I used no water. The radiator cap looks like the original MB cap, it has the number 140 stamped at one corner. The a/c was converted some 5 years ago with the usual new parts when doing the conversion. I do not know how the ac was when r-12 was in. I bought the car with a frozen motor and faulty trans for $500 because the body and interior were pristine. The motor that was installed supposedly had 125k. The trans was rebuilt by a local german who only does MB trans. I've been traveling this route for over 5 years. The fan clutch and water pump were replaced when the engine was in stalled but I don't know if they were OEM parts. What about hooking my aux fan to run continuously with or w/o the ac on. Only in 100 degree and above. What do you think? 3QUOTE=vstech;2437721]no.
100C is fine on a 617
if it's going up to 120, then you are experiencing problems.
how is the cooling system in your car? when was the last time the coolant was flushed?
what color is the coolant in your car?
what radiator cap is on your car? what pressure?
what is the mixture of coolant to antifreeze in your car?
did you mix with tap water or distilled water?
in those extreme temps, I'd be sure not to use more than 35% antifreeze 50/50 is horrible for high temp driving. pure water is better, but it needs the antifreeze for it's antiwear and plastic conditioning.
you say it does it with your a/c on up hills... what refrigerant is in your a/c system? has it been converted to 134 or is it still (hopefully!!!) running 12?[/QUOTE]
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