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'94 c280 ignition tumbler stuck...

I've read a few threads on this topic here and followed an offsite link with some good instructions and diagrams on the removal of the tumbler/core.

However, my question is what are some good techniques for getting the blasted key to turn so that I can remove it?

I've spent a total of about 45 minutes trying various turning of the key and turning of the wheel, moving the key in and out, etc.

And, I do get a very little bit of a turn, but it just won't go all the way.

I'm thinking about using a clean mascara(sp?) brush with a little bit of WD-40 or rust breaker type fluid on the brush and wiggle it around in there to try and loosen things up. Sound o.k.? Any harm done?

Also read a post where virbrations might work to loosen things up, so I thought about using my beard trimmer and just hold it up against ignition.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks a bunch!
1994 C280 204k miles
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