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its not quite as much work as you would think IMO. True, you have to take down a small panel in the roof liner, should be held on by a few "pops" in the front, and then it slides out the top of the car. Have you tested to see if you have power at the motor? as you know, the motor is in the trunk. It order to get the roof closed you are going to have to take out the motor, take off the roof panel (on the sunroof) and push it closed manually untill you can figure out what's up. First things to check are fuses, the switch(done by checking to see if you have power at the motor) and what was mainly wrong with mine, check underneath the fuse box to make sure the wires hasn't fall off(if you dont have power at the motor when you hit the switch) this should give you a basic jump start at it, and i can try to help when i can, but your car is much differant and more sophisticated than my simple SD's roof, with yours haveing the tilt mechanism and all. Good luck.

oh yea, the roof must be at least half open to take the panel off, if it is closed or partially closed you can pop the panel off and slide it backwards into the "back" of the roof. keep us posted
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