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HI Lee

As always Steve is right on the money. I can't tell you how many hard hot starts I have fixed by replacing the accumulator. The accumlator is located by the pump, back of the right (passnegers side) rear wheel. It has 2 fuel lines pre '80 and 1 fuel line post '81 and all have a little fuel hose on the back side runnning back to the fuel feed hose from the tank. The testing is kind of low tech. Plug/clamp the little hose on the back side going to the feed hose then diconnect it from the accumulator. With pan to catch the gas start the car and look to see if fuel comes out the back side of the accumulator. You will have a squit of gas when you first start it which is normal, remeber it is hooked to the fuel feed hose, but after that NO fuel what so ever should come out of it. I really mean NONE! Let the engine run a couple of minutes and watch it to see if it leaks. Shut off the engine and watch it some more to see if any fuel drips out of the accumulator. If any fuel come out while it is sitting or running the accumulator is bad and needs replaced. I replace the check valve in the end of the fuel pump whenever I replace an accumulator just for good measure plus they are cheap.

Whenever you are working with gasoline always wear safety glasses cause gas in your eyes hurts like **** not to mention it can cause blindness. Work in a well ventilated area perferably outside so you don't start a fire from the fuel vapors by a water heater or something of the sort. Of course no smoking or open flames while you have the fuel system open.

That's it pretty simple huh :-)

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