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Well it turns out the DN0SD 314 nozzles were standard starting in 4/92 and replaced the DN0SD 265 ones. Also, the little black plastic sleeve to keep junk from around the injectors and prechamber was discontinued. So these nozzles I have are original with 260,000 miles.

Monarchs are good for WVO heh? I think I've heard that. I have an elsbett system I bought for a 617 engine last year when they were on sale. The only difference between that and kit for the 602/603 is the nozzles. But I'm gonna go ahead and try the elsbett 617 nozzles anyway after reading this thread. Can't really hurt i don't see. The design of prechamber in the 602 appears to be improved over the 617 so I should get plenty good combustion. I'm expect they are at least as good as Monarks.

I ordered a set of Elsbett nozzles for the 603 wagon already. A bit pricey at 200.00 for 6 but they are supposed to be special for WVO. Elsbett makes their own nozzles in Germany. Where do you get Monarks? I see mercedes source sells em for 125.00 for the 314 nozzles.
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