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Originally Posted by biopete View Post
Well it turns out the DN0SD 314 nozzles were standard starting in 4/92 and replaced the DN0SD 265 ones. Also, the little black plastic sleeve to keep junk from around the injectors and prechamber was discontinued. So these nozzles I have are original with 260,000 miles.

Monarchs are good for WVO heh? I think I've heard that. I have an elsbett system I bought for a 617 engine last year when they were on sale. The only difference between that and kit for the 602/603 is the nozzles. But I'm gonna go ahead and try the elsbett 617 nozzles anyway after reading this thread. Can't really hurt i don't see. The design of prechamber in the 602 appears to be improved over the 617 so I should get plenty good combustion. I'm expect they are at least as good as Monarks.

I ordered a set of Elsbett nozzles for the 603 wagon already. A bit pricey at 200.00 for 6 but they are supposed to be special for WVO. Elsbett makes their own nozzles in Germany. Where do you get Monarks? I see mercedes source sells em for 125.00 for the 314 nozzles.
The Monarks are made in Germany. C Sean Watts buys the Nozzles and completely new Injectors direct from Monark. He has a lot of info on them.

I do not know how long Elsbett has been selling there stuff here in North America but if you do a search on them I do not think you will find much written about them.
Mercedes Source is the one who ads that Monarks are better for SVO, WVO. But, I have read that no were else except that the messeage is repeated on some Forums.
While I believe because the Monarks do not have the drilled Holes in the Injector Pintels to plug up as easily they may be less likely to do so when using Alternative Fuels this does not mean they were designed for use with Alternative Fuels.
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