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Unhappy Paradise Lost and Panic!

Today I did some detailing on my '89 560 SEL. And then it happened - I found RUST!

Here is the location: You open the passenger front door. You look down the windshield column. There is a chrome trim piece that is screwed in place that travels all along the top edge of the entry through to the back door along the roofline. Around one of the screws, about 1/4 inch away form each side, 2/3 up the windshield, are rust spots, one on each side, in the body (not in the trim), right where the door seal meets. This is the only rust I have found on the car (garage kept, and yes, no rust in the trunk).

I tried poking holes into the spots to see if they developed from the back side, but the screwdriver would not go through, making me believe it's surface rust that can be treated once I remove the chrome trim.

The driver's side is clean at the same location.

Has anybody else found rust in this area on their w126? What other spots should I check? How well were these cars rust-proofed? What should I do???
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