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Old 01-04-2000, 09:27 PM
Joe Monshade
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From what I can tell, I have three ignition components: 1. The actual ignition lock with key, 2. The steering lock (mechanical portion), and 3. The ignition switch (electrical portion). How can you tell the mechanical steering lock problem from the ignition lock w/key problem? I know the key and lock is shot, but I don't know about the entire steering lock. Is one problem be independent of the other, can one cause another, or should all three components be replaced at once?

Also, How difficult is the replacement job individually or for the whole works? I have a Haynes manual and it doesn't look to hairy. What are the cautions and tips?

I tried to get a response from a repost, but no luck so I'm trying again. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks again for your help.


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