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Was about to change accumulators (and probably close to doing it anyway.) and had asked questions here. (By the way, I can't say how much I appreciate the folks on this board, have helped this first time MB owner very much. thanks again!)

After finding that the rear end of my 91 560SEL did not move at all I asked many questions here and finally got under the back end and was able (after some coaxing and spraying it with WD40) to get the valve to move. I ddidn't really notice anything when I did it but the car was not running. I drove it and noticed it higher than normal. I just drove the car and got in and notice the rear end very low. I started the car and drove around the block and guess what, the rear raised much to my surprise and pleasure. Now it all seems to work well.

I immediately checked on the fluid level as this is the first time the suspension had worked and noticed that the level is a little less that 1/2 in the bottle. What is the normal level? I am sure I need to change the filter, but how often should it be changed. My thoughts are to bleed the system and make sure I have fresh Hydraulic fluid in it, thoughts?

Thanks again for all the help here.

See Pics of my 560 here:

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