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Unhappy AC Help

Looks like I'm screwed. The AC stopped working a couple of days ago. Checked the fueses and all seemed well. Checked the AC lines and the metal portions were sweating. This morning it started working agian but was making a clicking noise. A little later in the trip, I **** it off and when I started the car again, it would not work.

When the car is driving, a little outside air comes in. More as I drive faster. When I turn on the AC mode, I hear a "clunk" and no air anymore, Turn AC mode off and a little air comes in. Even in defrost mode, you get a little hot air coming out of the side vents and fresh thru the center but no rush of air,

It is my belief that Benz Bin stocks the fans but they have 2 different models. Does anyone know the difference? Also, how difficult is it to install one of these things? TIA
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