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I have a non supercharged C230. My tech doesn't like this particular supercharger - says in his experience it wears lots faster than the rest of the components under the hood and isn't up to the tolerances and materials of the rest of the engine. He estimates about 100 - 150,000 mile life span for the unit for my driving conditions.

Our C230 lacks about 50 hp compared to the Kompressor version, and the lack can be felt in the gas pedal. Acceleration is adequate, actually fairly quick off the line or at freeway speeds. In between those 2 conditions, however, it is a tad slow for our tastes. On the other hand, Even though it weighs a bit more than our 87 300E (3320 on the C, 3195 for the E!!!), it averages about 22-25 around town, and at 75mph on long freeway trips, we routinely pull 33-35mpg. The 300E is larger, but lighter. It is a lot faster, but 17-18 around town, and 22-24 freeway.

Your kompressor life may vary. I have read that the kompressor works the most on city street/acceleration conditions, so if you do a lot of freeway driving and very little in town, it may never be a problem. Our friends have a 2000 kompressor, and love it (her freeway commute is about 150 miles a day), and she has passed 100k miles with no problems.

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