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The products list is for all Mercedes, it just happens to mention some of the more modern cars. I am suspecting since they require some very specific fluids. However, there is an oil list and transmission fluid list. The oil list is in 2 parts. One is oil weights based on outside temp. The other list is of approved full synthetic oils which have to be used in all FSS cars. I am assuming MB is using this system on your side of the "pond". The problem with using an up to date list of service products is, how does it apply to cars made 15-20 years ago. It is sort of like which came first, the chicken or the egg. If for example 0W-40 was available 10 years ago, would MB of specified it. Can a car built 10+ years ago use 0W-40. Obviously 0W-40 won't be listed in the owner's manual. For ATFs, the "old" standard was Dextron II, but now there is Dextron III. Can one use Dextron III in place of Dextron II. Personally, I put Mobil 1 ATF in my TD's transmission, only now to find out that Mobil 1, or even reg. Mobil ATF is NOT on the "approved" list, hmmmmmmm. Now, Mobil 1 is listed under approved synthetic motor oils.
The other thing that is on the list is gas and diesel standards. Here there is reference to older cars dating back before 1975. I would be interested in finding out how often MB updates this list. As I mentioned before, the list MB sent me is dated "November 2001"
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