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I used some rust breaking fluid and a small brush and "swizzled" the ignition. At first I was in the process of cleaning it by moving the brush in and out, wiping it clean, then repeating. I did manage to get a lot of gunk out.

I then used my beard trimmer and held it up against the ignition and up against the key in the ignition.

Absolutely no change

It's weird...I can turn the key enough the unlock the wheel, but that's it. I will try it on more time tomorrow.

If (please only be if) I have to have it towed to the shop, am I o.k. the way it's parked? It's parked into a spot up against a curb. So the truck would have to pick it up from the rear and roll it on the front wheels.

I cannot get the car out of Park either.

Also, what's the expected cost of the surgery from an indy shop?
I believe in other posts I've seen around $500, sound about right?

Thanks for all the tips!
1994 C280 204k miles

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