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i have had the chance and go under the rear end of the car and found the two accumulators. looks like it may be an wasy job to replace.

I am however doing wverything i can to make sure that the accumilators are the cause of my problem, so i have other questions.

First, on the leveling valve that is mentioned above, is this the same as the suspension valve? i believe it is, want to make sure.
If the system is working properly, how should it behave? Here are my observations. Pls let me know your comments. With the engine running, when i put it in Reverse, i notice the rear of the car kicking up( moving upward a little bit) - is this an indication that the self-leveling is working?...Now when i put if back to Park, or put it to Neutral, then I notice the rear end moving downwards. When I put it to Drive, I notice the rear end moving downwards( yes downwards). Are these observations the result of the self leveling working womewhat, or are these just the normal movements due to the shifting changes. Is there a way to check whether or not the self leveling is working or not?

Second question. When the engine is running, I can hear some air coming from the pump. Is this normal, or is this an indication of some leakage?

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