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450SL engine for sale, Mabey!

I have a 450Sl engine that I removed from my 79SLC. It is a rebuild (to the best of my knowledge) with approximatly 48,000 miles. It developed a lower engine knock (not severe) but the indications are a loose rod cap on #1 cylinder. Some questions,
Note, this is a complete engine, sans alternator, smog pump(never had one), and A/C. It would have an SEL oil pan on it.
The engine # is 116-984-12-002334
1. what might I be getting into to repair this, I'm not much of a mechanic myself but would have good help.
2. this engine ran very well I've had it to over 120MPH and it "hummed", no overrev or anything like that. Much later I began to notice a feint knock which got more pronounced over a short period, I swapped engines because I was able to locate a replacemant at a ridiculously low price from a wrecked SEL.
3. would I be better off to part this out, sell it as is (what might be a resonable price, and would this be a good forum to sell in?), or repair it then sell.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all that have responded to me on other questions to this forum and any I hope to get from this inquiry.
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