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Originally Posted by M.B.DOC View Post
ALL M104's set the basic cam timing that way.

If you remove the valve cover & rotate thae engine ONLY clock-wise to TDC, both pins should go into the camshafts w/o moving anything else!

Many thanks for your personal attention and expertise!

As I understand the AMG engine, the exhaust cam is stock standard with the C280. But AMG has slotted the three attachment bolt holes of the exhaust cam drive sprocket to advance the exhaust timing about 5 deg. They also drilled an additional dowel locating hole which is marked with a "U". I think this causes the timing mark to be about 3-6 mm above the top of the head with the 4 mm drill inserted.

AMG also installed an AMG-unique reprofiled inlet valve cam. Also they changed the variable valve timing (VVT). So exactly where the 4 mm dowel should be on the timing setup for inlet valve cam for the AMG is a mystery to me. I can present cases to support the dowel hole to be above the head or below the head for line-up of the 4mm drill bit.

If you can shed any light on this dilemma, I would be extremely appreciative!

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