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Aux Fan 560 SL

I am pleased to be a first time MB owner (560 SL) and new to the forum. Hello to everyone, I have enjoyed reading all of the posts and am learning something everyday. Now to my question...I have been checking out my aux fan, as it never comes on, and like mentioned in other posts on the subject, the temp gauge pushes 110 close to 115. The air works great, the MB dealer converted it last month to 134a with a new condenser, and dryer installed. With the temps over the weekend in the mid 90's and high humidity, the air is ice cold, but no fan. I jumped the engine temp sensor (green three prong) and the fan runs. If I jump the pressure switch at the dryer, the fan also runs, and in both cases it seems to be the same speed. The engine temp comes back down to 85 to 90 with the fan running and if you let it idle, fan running with the air on, it will hit 95 to 100 but no higher. Do I have a bad temp sensor or are both the temp and pressure switch bad? I would appreciate any help on the fix. Thanks....
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