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Wiper Reservoir Misc Questions

I just replaced the rotted rubber grommets in my wiper fluid reservoir.

To do it I had to detach and remove the fluid heating coil.

Several questions:

1. I now have pockets of air in the heating coil, does this matter? Will it be flushed out automatically?

2. How do I test operation of the heating coil (in the summer )?

3. There's a 2 inch piece of clear tubing, split to allow slipping it over the heating tube. Anybody know where on the tube it's supposed to go? It fell off during removal and doesn't seem to have an obvious purpose.

4. I stirred up some flakey light brown impurities off the side of the tank while working on it. They seem to be deposits from the water. Will they pump through the system ok or should I try to suck them out of the reservoir?

5. Why are there little paint splashes on the hose clamps for (see photo -- white where hose meets washer fluid reservoir heating tube, and red where hose meets coolant reservoir)? Any significance of the different colors?

Thanks in advance for any/all answers!
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