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Proper Adjustment of 400E Bowden Cable??

I've just purchased a '93 400E and I've noticed some funny shifting and poor acceleration problems. If I press the pedal to the floor the tranny will kick down and I'll shoot off and I do get great acceleration past 3500 rpm. I've been fooling with the Bowden cable adjustment and that has improved things a bit but I'm wondering what is the proper way to adjust it? I tighted it just enough to see slight movement on the plate that it pulls and then I back off a tiny bit. Is this correct or should It be adjusted to just make contact with the spring?

Are there any other adjustments that I can do to get the transmission to downshift faster?

I've replaced the plugs and air filter so far and wire brushed the distributor caps and rotors. I will probably replace them soon to see if that helps.

Thanks for any info.

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