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High running temps solved!

First of all, I am new to the list and this is my first post. I felt that I should offer my recent experience with a hot running engine after spending a lot of time researching the tech forum with other members experiences. The car was diagnosed by the dealer as needing a new radiator and one auxiliary fan. Both were replaced and the problem was still there - running 100+ c .
After reading a post (sorry I can't remember exactly who) I decided to replace the thermastat. A local parts guy had a German made 82 degree thermastat made by "Go-Rad". The parts person indicated that this was considered an oem type replacement. I understand Behr is original equipment, but I wanted to take advantage of a lower temp rating. He indicated that even though the thermastat in the car may seem good by checking the hose to the radiator to see if it is hot , sometimes the thermestat doesn't open fully and can be restrictive as they get older. Anyway, popped the newone in and immediately back to 82-85 degrees. To anyone else with a hot running engine, I would suggest starting here first.

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