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Angry 89 300E Replacement Tumbler won't always "Catch"

Thank you all in advance for the help you have been in the past! I have replaced the '89 300E Ignition Tumbler exactly as instructed from the great advice given on the topics. The Ignition worked perfectly for about two weeks, then yesterday the key only spun from the "0" to "3" position. After several attempts, I realized that when the key is in position two I could just pull the tumbler and collar assembly out ( I did not as I had no tools). I rotated the collar a bit and pushed the key and tumbler in further and the car was able to start. It seems as though the keeper spring has not caught on anything (This tumbler as well as the original only has one spring). Other than this the thing works fine! When the ignition is turned to position three there is spring felt in the key backing it off from the start postition (there was no spring-back when the key only rotated), the steering wheel lock works fine. Any suggestions ? Thank you all in advance for your help.

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