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Idle stalls when embient temp above 90 F

I have an 86 2.3-16. Let's say this. Got to work, park the car. At lunch time the outside temp. is above 90F and high humidity, start the car, car started right up no idle stalling here, drove for ten minutes to a restaurant, sat down ate lunch for 30 to 45 minutes give and take. Jumped back in the car, start it right up but idle will die right away. I have to keep the gas pedal up to avoid stalling. Once the car moving for at least a minute or two into the way back to work no idle stalling at all even with many stop and go traffic light.

I did replaced the OVP relay recentlyand it didn't seem to help. Could this be a symtom of gas vapor in the injection system??? If it is then is there a way to fix it.

Thank you in advance

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