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Unhappy Sorry, but here goes...

I have read the archives, which have helped but I am still confused. My 1990 300E cut off on me yesterday pulling onto the highway, a car going about 60mph had to jump into the other lane to avoid hitting me( I was pulling across the first lane of traffic to get to the second, It cut off in the first! ) The A/C was on and it stumbled. It seems that when I have the A/c on my problem is worse. As of late I am experiencing: low idle worse with A/C on, hesitation when starting off, and loss of power. But these syptoms are only sometimes....not always. I read in the archives that OVP with the single fuse is the bad one! Part # 201 540 38 45...Mine has the single fuse also, but is Part # 201 540 32 45. Is this likely the culprit?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also a correct algorithm for troubleshooting this kind of problem would be very helpful to me also!
You guys are the best!

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