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Post Applause for you guys, my car, and 2 simple questions.

First off I just want to thank everyone who has participated/is participating in this great forum. I have been leeching vast amounts of knowledge about my car that I just purchased(I have resorted to reading this msg board more than the daily paper!). Everyone here has, imho, created the best resource for Mercedes-Benz owners! I own a 1987 BMW 325is, and not to knock BMW owners, but their message boards are less than civil, to say the least, compared to here. Anyways, I just purchased a super-great 1989 Mercedes Benz 190e 2.6 seen below.

Question #1 : With the help of your archive, I have flushed/filled the coolant(change thermostat), changed oil, and changed the air filter. It runs like a champ. Is there anything else a non-mechanically inclined person like myself could do to keep it in good shape? (I have a scheduled appt. with a reputable independent to check it over in about a month, but want to make sure I can do anything in my power to help the car. Previous owner was uncaring to say the least . . .)

Question #2 : Does anyone know the size of the stock wheel? I need to buy an extra rim for a spare and I don't have a torque wrench on hand to take off and re-tighten my own wheels properly. On the service CD manual I got it lists two.

6J x 15 H2 (et 49 mm) normal


7J x 15 H2 (et 44 mm) sportline

I would assume that I have the normal rims, but throughout the archives most people state that the stock rim size is the 15x7 with a 44mm offset. I have included a close-up picture of my rim if it will help.

Thanks in advance for any help . . . and happy motoring to all.
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