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Here is a pic of the DEPO Euro Lights

Souther Cali Meet up for Euro light install.

Check those two threads to see the fit and finish of the depos. they are exact copies of the bosch or hella units.

If your price is good for them, you can't go wrong with them in my opinion. They may not be bosch or hella, but in my book, that doesn't make those brands any better, and that doesn't make the depo any worse, unless others have had both and can actually without a shadow of a doubt prove they are inferior.

The fit perfect, they have the vaccum adjustment and everything, and they were $250.00 in my hands. totally money well spent.

In fact I have depo clear corners and depo smoked corners for the front, and they both fit excellent, and nice, no extra gaps or loose fitting or anything.

Keep us posted, I'd love to hear about what you end up with and what you think.

The U.S. Lights are made by bosch and They are crap in my book. so even the worst copy of the euros would still proabbly be better than the U.S. Lights. But the depo are top quality. Paul (Suginami) has bosch that he got, and he saw my depo, and was very pleased with how mine look and fit, and he has been able to compare both and I do not believe he noticed much if any difference between the two besides whose name was stamped on them.

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