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Lets see if I can answer some of your questions.

The a/c system in this car is factory installed, there is no doubt in my mind. The car is loaded with leather, abs, airbag, hydro susp, heated seats...the list goes on. Besides, I've looked at all the wireing and there is no way it could be an after thought.

I have no power to my low pressure switch, the cooling fan doesn't run in a/c mode and no power to the comp clutch.

I took the system charge down and converted it to 134a. The machine I have will put the proper charge into the system. I did this after I started to work on the car so hence, there was no a/c before I switched to 134a.

If I supply a power and ground to the comp clutch with the engine running the a/c works fine, as in it will cool down to about 42 degrees.

There is no ground to the relay so I was wondering if the system supplied the ground to the relay, I've been a little hesitant to start supplying grounds and powers to un-known circuts so I don't fry anything.

So what I was looking for was perhaps another "switch" or "sensor" that the ground might have run through before going to the relay. Fasthair might have the answer for me but if you could tell me where the "ETR" is that might save me some time.

Thanks all for the help, keep it coming


Ok, this morning I supplied a ground to 85 and have power going to 87, both 87 and 30 are hot but still no power to my low pressure switch.

I checked the ETR and have power going in and out so its not that. What I replaced was the push button controler, I had no blower motor and that took care of that problem.

You mention two other controlers for the a/c system I was wondering where they were located and is there a way for me to check them?


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