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Had EXACTLY the same symptoms -- they'll get worse (trust me). You'll be stalling at every stop sign/light at some point in time. Mine started gradually (intermittent stalling/no idle). Got to the point I had to keep my foot on the accelerator at all times -- not easy to do with a 5-speed. Luckily, mine is not a daily driver. Ended up replacing injectors, and fuel pump relay, cap and rotor. Tho' I have the funds, these weren't the culprit.

Long story short -- it's the Idle Control Valve. It's the 1-1/2" diameter x 3" long (aluminum) module that sits between the #2 and #3 intake runners. It's cradled within a rubber bracket and has an input hose (bottom) and output hose (top) with 2-pin electrical connector at its ass-end. Cost is about $170.00 and (relatively) easy replacement. Just be careful, one of the hoses you remove has got coolant running thru it.

Good luck!

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