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Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
What is funny about people losing jobs?

The county school corp here is laying off 20% of its staff in the fall, at least they have given pink slips to that many.

This kind of draconian cuts are simply unprecedented in the field of teaching.

My Mrs. is in the city school corp which is separate and through foresight have avoided the drastic cuts by careful planning when they knew the economy would affect the tax collection in the next year or two. My mrs. is about #13 in seniority out of 400 or so teachers so will not under any circumstances face a lay off.
Sorry it seems my intent was not clear. I didn't mean it's funny to lose your job, both my wife and I face that possibility next year, I was being sarcastic about the proffessor saying that you need some kind of "permanent income like a teacher" or words to that effect. Given that with the teaching layoffs there is no such thing as "permanent income".

AZ did away with teacher seniority which means my wifes thirteen years in the profession counts for nothing. Arizona is something of a special case. While I am normally one who favors small and limited government I recognisz that you reach a point of diminishing returns. Here it seems most of the legal inhabitants are so anti-government they are happy to damage an already poor educational system even further to satisfy their neanderthal leanings.

- Peter.
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