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I skipped most of the thread, my apologies if this has already been covered; Or me making an ass of myself for no reason...

I don't think you get how rough it is in some places. Around here, there's nothing. I'm 22, have 6 years experience as a Machinist/Tool maker and I still can't seem to find anything.

-I'm certainly not moving, as I still live with the rents and help them with the bills and house work.

-Due to me working a lot of overtime in the months the state used to determine how much my benefit pay would be, I end up making what a 40hr. check would come out to, even after taxes. This is FAR more then the minimum wages I would be making flipping burgers.

-Since I'm living at home and can afford to, I'm buying up all the used equipment there is around here in an effort to start my own business. A Dream that's been held back before due to time constraints.

I've been a hard worker since I was 14 can could legally work. I'm still looking for places, but it's a longshot. I'm still hoping I get hired back at one of my two previous places of employment.
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