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Originally Posted by Skid Row Joe View Post
Government run schools are somewhat like unions - their time of relevance and domination in America has come and gone. However, as I can attest to - many government run schools have the best product going in many regions. Of course, I do believe we need government run schools. But we also need vouchers for the parents.

That said, I am four-square skeptical of the discipline and product offered by religious run schools. I had a terrible run in one from 1st grade through the 6th grade. The totalitarian way the school was run that I attended was sickening. As a kid - your vote doesn't usually count with your parents. The education this religious school was putting out was not one iota better than the Distirict 66 schools in Omaha, that my parents thankfully enrolled me in in 7th grade. My older Brother attended religious education K through 12, and today is a staff PH D with the Veterans Affairs hospital system - for 30+ years. He stated the same as I about the school he and I attended - many years later when we were grown adults.
Like unions most people are no longer aware of what it was like before they existed and so do not appreciate what they have done for all of us.

Perhaps they will remian largely unappreciated until they are gone.
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