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Unhappy broken key in lock, need desperate help

I have read the past messages and researched before writing. I have a 93 300E 2.8 with a part of a key stuck in the ignition. It broke in the 1 position while attempting to turn to the lock position and remove the key. It is one of the three layer security keys. Yesterday a locksmith spent four hours on the ignition and could not remove the key part. He attempted to drill out the lock and broke two bits on the faceplate. we resorted to drilling through the slot with smaller bits. We also tried different ways to remove the tumbler, with hanger parts, paper clips, etc. through the two small holes in the faceplate. The hanger parts fit but only go in about an inch. The same with a screwdriver we attempted to get into the keyslot and turn the igniton. It only goes in enough to turn the free spinning front part. We did get it to turn somewhat, as the steering wheel is now locked, even though it appears to be past the locked position because we can turn on the radio when we turn to the right, but not fire up the engine. So now I am stuck, no way to start the car, wheel locked, and unable to remove the tumbler. I have not taken apart the dash. I do have a second key but there is still too much key parts left in the ignition to fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially any experience with this year/model.
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