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sudden total brake failure

Two weeks ago I finally got the '71 220D I tried to buy a year ago and drove it 400 miles to visit family. When I got to my exit I immediately headed 1/2 block to Starbuck's and while in line, holding my brakes, the pedal suddenly went TO THE FLOOR. My "new" car now had no brakes, no brake pedal - it went all the way to the floor with little effort, and no brakes at all. I managed to get to a safe place to park it and call for a ride. WHAT HAPPENED? Anyone have an idea? The brakes pulled to the right, a strong pull, when I'd braked while driving that day. There had been a slight pull when I'd driven short distances around town before I left and on the trip it seemed worse. Please, help me figure out what might be wrong so I can fix it and get home! I am a DIY-er, as I've more determination than cash, so help is very much appreciated.
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